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July 17th 2018

Journeys of Discovery: Episode 1; David Trubridge

The Discovery of Furniture Making and the Urge to Create

As chief winemaker of Church Road Winery, Chris Scott blends his own experience and skills with what natures provides on the vine each year. Looking beyond the vines and oak barrels of Church Road, Chris took some time to meet with other creative craftspeople across New Zealand. As we follow Chris on these journeys of discovery, new perspectives emerge that further fuel his own energy and inspiration for his craft. View the full series at TVNZ OnDemand.


Season by season, nature’s influence in winemaking is constant and powerful. For David Trubridge, the natural world is no less of an influence. Recreating that connection with nature that we once had is a key reason why David does what he does. Growing up as a teenager on the Isle of Wight and later in training to become a naval architect, the energy of the sea has steered his life – and is still an important element. “That bit of water that I go out and touch every day is this wonderful pathway that links you to every corner of the planet.”


From his home in Napier, David draws on the energy of the ocean, seeing his work as a conduit to bring this natural force into people homes. The products of this creative process adorn his studio. His designs have pushed boundaries for use of natural materials thanks to his personal and perpetual endeavour to discover the new. “The act of creating is an act of exploration – and of risk taking”, he notes.


While not the primary reason for their chosen careers, it’s clear the reaction people have to the results of their endeavours is something to be cherished. David remarks, “when I get something that comes up that works and I get feedback from people that say oh, you know, I’ve got one of your lights in my room – it makes me so happy living with it”. While sharing a glass of Church Road McDonald Series Hawke’s Bay Syrah, Chris reveals what that feedback means to him; “when you see people react to those wines with genuine enjoyment its incredibly rewarding”.


Reflecting on his time with David, Chris notes, “he has this restless urge just to always be creating and he doesn’t really even feel like he has a choice to stop or slow down.”

For more, be sure to watch episode 1 of ‘Church Road – Journeys of Discovery’ at TVNZ OnDemand.


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