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September 12th 2018

Introducing: Church Road Gwen Rosé

A good life, a charming wife and in vino veritas.

Church Road Gwen Rosé is a delicate and refreshing aperitif style rosé wine  named after Florence Gwendolen (Gwen) Brown, wife of Church Road pioneering winemaker Tom McDonald. Their love story began when Gwen married Tom in 1931, the same time the Church Road winery was beginning to grow under Tom’s management. The couple were married for 50 years.  

“We have been honouring the legacy of our pioneering winemaker, Tom McDonald across a number of our ranges, as well as in our winemaking philosophy, but we know he couldn’t have done what he did without the support of his wife, Gwen” says Chris Scott, Church Road Winemaker. “We wanted to pay tribute to her role in the Church Road history.”

Crafted from Hawke’s Bay grown Merlot and Tempranillo grapes, this new rosé draws inspiration from the elegant Rosés of Provence,  while retaining an unmistakeable vibrancy that is Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. 

The elegant bottle depicts a profile of Gwen, and an excerpt from a poem written by Tom McDonald that draws parallels between a good wine and his beloved wife. The poem concludes that the result of a 50-year marriage is “a good life, a charming wife and IN VINO VERITAS” (meaning, “in wine truth”). 

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