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September 13th 2017

Our Syrah and food matching secrets revealed…

Enhance your sensory experience with our top Syrah and food matching recommendations.

Syrah is fast becoming a key variety for Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand, producing distinctive, complex and aromatic wines of exceptional quality that are achieving international acclaim.

Our range of Church Road Syrah’s are developing a strong pedigree with an array of awards and accolades and with any award winning wine, food is the perfect accompaniment to showcase its full flavour.

With food and matching in mind, it seems only fitting to share our favourite Syrah and food matching secrets to take your food and wine matching experience one step further….


PR5053 CR Social Media Septemer AW (infographic)


  1. BBQ Rib-eye steak
    The umami and higher fat presence in grilled and barbecued meats such as rib-eye balance out the tannins in the wine, making this our first choice for enjoying alongside a glass of Syrah. Further to this, try seasoning with loads of black pepper to accentuate the peppercorn flavours typically found in this wine.
  2. Beef and vegetable Stew
    Red meat is a well-known match for red wine but it’s the earthiness of the vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant) that make this dish match harmoniously with the earthy characters of Syrah creating a well-balanced dish.
  3. Cured meats
    As Syrah ages, accents of bacon fat, cured meat and leather evolve creating a lovely savoury complexity. These flavours are perfect for matching with a platter of cured meats and currant jellies, particularly those containing pepper corns to enhance the green and black peppercorn flavours already present in the wine.
  4. Choose vegetables without a lot of leafy content
    Leafy vegetables contain vegetable tannins so we recommend trying a contrary match by pairing Syrah with vegetables that contain a lower level of tannins.  We can’t go past a pan of roasted root vegetables to accompany our choice of protein when enjoying a high tannin wine like Syrah.
  5. Moroccan lamb
    Again, lamb or otherwise red meat is the obvious choice for matching full bodied reds, however to create an even  better stand out match  we recommend adding Moroccan herbs such as cumin , turmeric, ginger, saffron, star anise and oregano just to name a few. The spices complement the rich flavour of the lamb while also adding complexity to the spicy compounds found in the wine itself.




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