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January 15th 2018

Our top summer barbeque wine matching tips…

Surprise your guests with these insightful wine and food matching ideas!

Summer barbecues tend to lend themselves to a casual atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean the wine and food matching needs to stop there. Up the ante while entertaining throughout the warmer months by surprising guests with these skilful barbeque wine matches!

Our top summer BBQ wine matching tips

For those who enjoy lighter wines, try matching chicken and white meat salads with a glass of lightly chilled Church Road Sauvignon Blanc. The bitter flavour of leafy vegetables acts as a congruent match for the zesty fruit flavours such as grapefruit and lemon typically present in Sauvignon Blanc. Hint: For something a little extra, try adding haloumi. The high salt content of the cheese balances out the zesty flavours found in the wine making the flavours appear richer with a higher intensity.

Try balancing the flavours of freshly caught and grilled New Zealand salmon or trout with our Church Road Grand Reserve Chardonnay. The creamy full-bodied flavours present in the Chardonnay are a fantastic match for the rich umami and fatty flavours of the fish.

Match grilled red meat options like sausages, chops and steaks with medium to full bodied reds such as Church Road McDonald Series Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. The higher tannins of these wines are tamed by the proteins in the meat, revealing more of the flesh and richness of the wine; while the dark fruit and earthy savoury complexities are a perfect match for the robust flavours of short and hot cooking methods.

Syrah, with its more supple tannin structure is perhaps more versatile, working well with grilled cuts but also with slow cooked or braised meat options such as slow roasted lamb shoulder on the barbecue or braised beef cheek. The natural sweetness of slow cooked meat can make a more tannic wine look dry, but the velvety structure of our Syrah’s are perfectly weighted to show off both the wine and the food to its best.



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